Almost 30,000 Macs Allegedly Affected By Mysterious Malware

Almost 30,000 Macs Allegedly Affected By Mysterious Malware

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Globally 30,000 Macs have been approximately affected by hidden malware, according to researchers of the security firm Red Canary.

The malware, called Silver Sparrow by the company does not display the behaviours that we are accustomed to anticipating from the regular adware that quite frequently targets macOS systems, according to Tony Lambert, an intelligence analyst at Red Canary.

It’s uncertain about the objective of the malware’s goal. Silver Sparrow carries a self-destruct tool that seems to have not been applied, as per the researchers. It’s also uncertain what would trigger that function.

Prominently, Silver Sparrow features code that runs natively on Apple’s in-house M1 chip that was launched in November, making only the second known malware to do so, as per the news site Ars Technica.

Though researchers haven’t found Silver Sparrow providing extra malicious payloads yet, its advanced M1 chip compatibility, global reach, comparatively high infection rate, and operational maturity imply that Silver Sparrow is reasonably a serious threat.

Silver Sparrow infected Macs in 153 countries till February 17, with more complaints reported in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany, according to data from Malwarebytes, a website that prevents ransomware attacks

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