After Utah Mysterious Monolith in Romania Disappears

After Utah Mysterious Monolith in Romania Disappears

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The mysterious monolith that popped up in Romania has vanished days after Utah structure disappeared. The weird incident related to the monolith from Romanian forest has led to more speculations that there could be a link to an identical puzzle in the Utah desert.

A metal monolith, located on a hillside in Romania days after an alike structure vanished in Utah, too disappeared on Tuesday from mountainous Neamt county.

The bewildering eventuality comes four days after a monolith’s sudden discovery nearer an ancient fortress sparked speculation it may be linked to a riddling structure spotted in the United States.

Instead of being an alien structure, the authenticity of the Romanian monolith may be more prosaic. The 2.8 metres (9ft) tall structure vanished overnight as silently as it was constructed last week, according to journo Robert Iosub of the Ziar Piatra Neamt local newspaper, who had observed the structure, told Reuters.

An unknown person, apparently a bad local welder, erected it. Now all that remains is only a small hole covered by rocky soil. The sheet metal structure featured a badly-welded join.

According to a spokeswoman for Piatra Neamt police, Georgiana Mosu, officers are probing into the illegally constructed structure, which was positioned in a secured archaeological area from November 27.

The First Discovery in Utah

An identical ‘alien-looking’ pillar was located in a Utah desert in the United States around November. It vanished after creating much excitement among science-fiction fans, similar to Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, based on a novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

In the Kubrick movie, an alien monolith is a recurring symbol that surfaces to contribute to the development of human evolution.

Alien Action or Local Prank?

The vanishing of the monolith in Romania comes even as questions persist about the source and then the disappearance of a shiny monolith in the remote desert of Utah. The strange metal, which caused a stir leading to a guessing game over how it got there, vanished after it was located on November 18. The Bureau of Land Management in Utah said to have received reliable reports that the object had been extracted by an unidentified party. The bureau did not uproot the structure which is considered private property as confirmed in a statement.

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