A Third Monolith Found- Now In California

A Third Monolith Found- Now In California

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At the outset, we witnessed the Utah monolith. Then saw the one in Romania. Now a third monolith has been located, this time on Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California.

The 10-foot tall metal structure was spotted at the top of the mountain on Wednesday morning, with hiker Ray Johnson communicating to The Atascadero News it has not been there earlier. Like the antecedents, there is no clue about how the Californian monolith unearthed there or what is its purpose other than sparking widespread speculation.

The monolith’s structure looks identical to its counterparts in Utah and Romania, as a smooth, three-sided structure with a triangular footprint. It also appears to be of reflective stainless steel, put together with rivets and welding.

But, unlike its siblings, the Californian monolith was not cut into the ground. It could even possibly tip over if anyone pushed it, though this doesn’t pose any threat. The monolith is assumed to weigh a few hundred pounds, and could gravely injure someone if it were to fall. The local officials know this newest monolith but currently have no plans for it.

If the previous two monoliths are anything to go by, this one will probably disappear mysteriously by the next few days.

It’s still uncertain if these structures have any connection with one another. Maybe they’re just copycats who knew about the first monolith and had some scrap metal lying around. Another possibility is they’re all part of a big marketing gimmick, and that some brand will advertise to purchase their new Monolith energy drink by the yearend. Definitely, it has caught the attention of our distraction-seeking brains during this pandemic. Analytics firm Talkwalker confirm that there have been 168,000 monolith mentions on Twitter during the last week, generating 1.5 million engagements.

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