A modified strain of Cannabis can kill the cancer cells

A modified strain of Cannabis can kill the cancer cells

Many refer to cannabis or marijuana as a magic plant mainly due to its narcotic compounds. But over the last decade, scientists have unveiled several benefits of this magic plant. That includes reducing the ill effect of psychiatric diseases like anxiety and paranoia. Also, cannabis limits chronic pain due to an accident or arthritis

The effectiveness of cannabis plants on treating many forms of cancer symptoms was recorded more than 10 years back. But recently the researchers found that a modified form of medicinal cannabis directly attacks the cancer cells and could eventually kill the cancer cells and cure the disease. Previously cannabis was used to ease the pain among cancer patients without any side effects. 

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Australian cancer researcher Matt Dun from the University of Newcastle spent more than three years studying various strains of cannabis. He also observed how the strains of cannabis affect cancer cells. As per his research, a certain strain of the marijuana plant can destroy the cancer cells without harming the good cells of the body. Previously the scientists of the Hunter Medical Research Institute unveiled how cannabis can eradicate the symptoms of cancer, but in terms of entirely killing the cancerous cells, this is the first finding. Here a specific modified strain of cannabis is applied as a treatment procedure not as a rescue medication. 

Though there may be several other benefits of the cannabis plant, due to its classification as a narcotic plant many countries has limited research on this. For this reason, the scientist can’t expand the cannabis-related studies for the further development of this treatment procedure. Cannabis is harmless if consumed in any form other than smoking and in case of smoking, the smoke is harmful and not the cannabis itself. 

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