12 Incredible Facts About Your Body You’re Oblivious To

12 Incredible Facts About Your Body You’re Oblivious To

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We freak around with our own bodies every time. That is probably the reason why we tend to take them for granted. Only a few of us had the stomach for learning all the scientific stuff back in school by heart. But if you take a deep breath and think about everything your body does, you just might consider how amazing it is. Trust me! You are. Every time your body’s doing a million things that you’re oblivious to-, for example, digesting breakfast, growing new skin, and carrying oxygen to cells from head to toe and ear to ear! We lay bare 12 incredible facts about your body that may still be difficult to swallow, but you will absolutely feel excited to know about them.

  • 1. The cracking sound created by knuckles, necks, backs, and other joints when they’re cracked is the sound of bubbles popping in the joints’ fluid. Do you feel it is harmful? Not terribly so. But cracking a joint quite often can hurt the cords, called ligaments, that encompass the joint
  • 2. Sweat doesn’t smell horribly awful. The stinky body odour, that you may feel at times, is due to the skin bacteria feeding on sweat. Their waste products are what smell bad!
  • 3. Only a single drop of blood contains about 10,000 while blood cells and 250,000 platelets.
  • 4. You’re accustomed to watching bugs in your garden. Have you ever contemplated to have them on your plate? Nutritious, edible insects including grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, worms, cicadas, and caterpillars are equipped with vitamins and minerals and are consumed by people throughout the world! Have you ever visited China or Thailand? You can stop for a deep-fried cicada on a stick! Wish to visit the Netherlands? Grab a grasshopper spring roll or burger, with mealworms!
  • 5. Eye colour Heterochromia is a situation in which people possess different colour eyes. It’s few in humans though. Actor Kiefer Sutherland has heterochromia. It is common among canines.
  • 6. The Brain is a very roughly bumpy organ! Once you spread it out, your brain would be approximately the size of a pillow-case. By the time you complete six years of age, your brain is almost 90 per cent of the size it will be once you are an adult.
  • 7. The liver has a tremendous ability to grow back if part of it is detached because of injury, disease, or surgery. It will even grow to be just the appropriate size for the body it’s in.
  • 8. Similar to dead skin cells, your hair and nails are made of keratin. Keratin forms tough body parts in other animals, too. It’s found in wool, fur, feathers, claws, beaks, hooves, horns, porcupine quills, and turtle shells
  • 9. Around 10,000 human cells can accommodate on the head of a pin
  • 10. Your salivary glands produce two to six cups of (0.5-1.5 litres) of saliva each day. Six cups of saliva would come near to filling a big, two-litre (67.6) ounce soda bottle!
  • 11. Your brain can produce enough electricity to power a light bulb.
  • 12. Human Teeth is as robust as shark teeth.

The list could have been endless. Undeniably, the human body is an amazing thing, considered a temple by many. But even though we spend the entire day with ourselves, there are still things aplenty that you are possibly unaware of your body.

We’ve had compiled a prolific list of interesting facts for you to drop in a conversation and enthral your friends!

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