11-year-old College Graduate Wants To Use Science To Prove God Exists

11-year-old College Graduate Wants To Use Science To Prove God Exists

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A genius, who is only an 11-year-old boy graduated from St. Petersburg College on Saturday in Florida only two years after completing high school, said he aspires to become an astrophysicist and establish that God exists.

William Maillis wishes to prove that God does exist through science so that the world can know. He received an associate in arts degree.

His point is that atheism and some parts of science depend on faith just as much as religion does. He feels that it is more likely that a higher power created the universe instead of a random event. Science and religion are not different from each other, according to him. Rather, science is a tool for convincing the world. Science doesn’t disprove God. His father is the presiding priest of Saints Raphael, Nicholas & Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church in Palm Harbor.

William started communicating in complete sentences by seven months, learned addition and subtraction by age two, and was declared a genius at age five. He believes his gifts are divinely inspired. In his opinion, everybody has gifts from God. He was gifted with knowledge and science and history.

Peter Maillis, the father, acknowledged that one issue the family had faced was raising money for college, due to his son’s age, he couldn’t qualify for the federal student financial aid program.

With a kid like this, they would be throwing money at him.

Tonjua Williams, president of St. Petersburg College, appreciated the boy in an interview with Bay News 9.

William will start taking classes at the University of South Florida this fall. His aim is to obtain a Ph.D. by the time he’s 18.

Joanne Ruthsatz, the former Ohio State University psychologist who analyzed William and declared him a genius, said that the family’s history of autism could explain why he was born with so much ability.

Prodigies have, like, this drive to do good, and they’re very much focussed towards the bigger picture of humanity.

According to the psychologist, children like William are about 1 out of 10 million, and many of them have gone on to start foundations for the greater good.

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